Story of MyWill Entertainment

MyWILL Entertainment was established from 2004. It has been 12 years in entertainment industry. Lead by Mr. Willy Hidayat, a man who has strong vision and mission for his goals. WILLY HIDAYAT began his career in the Entertain ment Industry in 1993. A person with vision, talent he has fulfilled his dream of creating a successful entertainment enterprise.

Gathering many business experiences together with MyWill Entertainment developing businesses, Willy has produced and promoted shows with most of the world’s major Artists including Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, and many more. He started promoting international artists beginning with Indie Music, the concert was an overwhelming success. His successes and popularity allowed him to become the top concert promoter in Indie Music. He has been joining many promoter companies, where the best up-and-coming concerts have been succeeded. Willy was recognized as an expert promoter who genuinely cared about both the artists and the attendees at his concerts. He enjoyed putting together groups onstage from different ethnic backgrounds-many of whom were ignored by other promoters-and he had an eye for pleasing his audience, while making an effort to educate them in styles of music they would otherwise not have been exposed to. He is also a producer, manager and promoter of live entertainment for theatres, concert halls, clubs, arenas and outdoor events for the domestic and international markets. He has extensive experience in the Television, Video/DVD and Recording industries and have produced a number of successful singles & albums. He has been friends with many important person in international music industry.


Under MyWill Entertainment, many businesses has been developed under various brands as MAA, Show Master and also Trilogy Live that focusing in services in entertainment industry. And it continues making new ideas to serve entertainment industry to a bigger level.